Higher and Technical Education Plan

The National Higher and Technical Education Plan (NHTEP) 2015-2024 is a home grown sector-wide plan that maps the best ways forward over the next ten years for Papua New Guinea’s higher and technical education (H&TE).

Vision  To provide the higher skills, knowledge and innovation needed for PNG’s sustainable development.

Mission  To develop an accessible and quality higher and technical education system by 2024 that advances and sustains PNG’s social, economic and environmental development.

The Plan includes a comprehensive and coordinated set of nine priority goals:

  1. Governance, structure and coordination To support effective and efficient sector coordination and institutional governance that contributes to the provision of a robust H&TE system.
  2. Resource and workforce capacity management To develop sufficient resource and workforce capacity for the H&TE sector to support PNG’s developmental needs in an innovative manner.
  3. Research, science and technology To foster a productive research, science and technology culture in HEIs and research bodies that supports their contribution to national social and economic development.
  4. Quality assurance To deliver a range of academic and training programmes that meet national standards, are benchmarked against international good practice, and are relevant to the needs of PNG.
  5. Access, equity and diversity To ensure that access to H&TE opportunities is maximised and that gender equity and social inclusion are promoted in the H&TE sector.
  6. Industry and district alliances To develop a H&TE sector that is characterised by strong alliances with local industries and adopts a whole-of-Government approach across sub-national levels.
  7. Technical education To ensure technical and vocation education (TVET) colleges are provided with sufficient targeted support to deliver well-organised and quality post-secondary technical education in accordance with PNG’s future needs.
  8. Internationalisation and global labour mobility To support the development of an international dimension in H&TE that prepares graduates to prosper in an increasingly globalised environment.
  9. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) To implement an M&E framework for the H&TE sector that supports effective performance management at the sector and institutional level.

The Plan is intended as a shared road-map for Government agencies, universities, colleges, industry and all other parties in the sector.

For a copy of the Plan, click here