The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) is dedicated to ensuring quality of services within the Higher Education Sector. This focus is clearly reflected through the quality assurance arrangements articulated within the Higher Education (General Provisions) Act 2014.

Through these arrangements, the DHERST aims to achieve the following: (1) promote and maintain the highest possible standard of higher education; (2) Provide valued employable graduates in a cost-effective way; and (3) give students quality, efficient and cost-effective higher education.

The quality assurance arrangements consists of procedures and compliance measures put in place for the registration of higher education institution, the recognition of overseas universities/HEIs and the accreditation of programmes offered. These measures are managed by the National Higher and Technical Education Board (NHTEB) and includes compliance to the following processes: (1) institutional Registration process; (2) programme Accreditation process; (3) quality assessment process and (4) the renewal of Registration/Re-registration process.

The NHTEB has developed and endorsed the following quality assurance policies to support its functions:

  1. National Standards for Higher Education Institutional Registration
  2. National Standards for Higher Education Programme Accreditation
  3. PNG National Qualifications Framework (PNGNQF)

The DHERST is responsible for facilitating and ensuring compliance with these policies.

All learning institutions intending to or currently offering higher education qualifications are encouraged to download the policies and form template and use where applicable.